Our Story

Anchor Fly currently consists of two passionate fly fishing anglers with desires to

  1. Spend as much time as they can fly fishing
  2. Share what they learn with others

Our team believes that fly fishing can literally make us better people. In a nutshell—by spending more time in nature and connecting with our surroundings we develop peace and patience in daily life. This is a very cool thing AND is very worthy of some gratitude. 

Chuck and Eric Fly Fishing New Mexico

We wish to share our deep respect for the environments we fish in, and the fish that we catch. If we can help develop an increase in respect for even one angler that would mean a great deal. 

Because of this, sharing information and research on the culture, philosophy and environmental impact is very important to publish on Anchor Fly.

We cannot promise to make you a better fly fisher, but we CAN promise we’ll try!

Our Mission: Art, Science, Impact & Culture

Our aim and direction with Anchor Fly is to inspire beginner fly anglers, share tips / experiences with more experienced fly fishers, talk about all the glorious gear this sport has to offer, share knowledge / experience of fly tying and create community.

Moreover, we absolutely LOVE the mystical and magical qualities of fly fishing… Trying to articulate what it is that draws us to the river at 6am… Writing about fly fishing in a poetic, almost spiritual fashion, is something that we love to do and feel is important.

Lastly, it is critical to us that we call ourselves out when it comes to respecting our environment and the aquatic species we, as fly fishers are in relationship with. We desire to leave this sport (and our world) better than we found it. We strive to find ways to give back and help set the next generation up to experience the same (or greater) purity than we have had the fortune to experience.

About Eric

Eric grew up in the Reno / Tahoe area and his Father instilled an outdoor life from a young age. Eric moved to Hawaii out of high school and bounced around the country and world from thereafter. In 2011, Eric moved to Northern New Mexico and shortly after arriving he literally had a dream about fly fishing and committed to getting the gear and taking on the learning curve. He started and fell in love with fly fishing that season.


About Chuck

Chuck was born and raised in northeastern Minnesota; Chuck always held a passion for the outdoors but learned to fly fish as a teenager on the north shore tributaries of Lake Superior. Chuck later moved to northern New Mexico for graduate school.  Here Chuck’s passion and knowledge of fly fishing increased. Chuck currently resides in western MT, where he continues to explore fly fishing and the topography that’s inspired fly fishermen for decades.

Chuck climbing


We are working daily to grow this platform and provide solid value to the fly fishing community. If you are a fly angler who would like to share something on Anchor Fly please feel free to get in touch!