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Fly Fishing Muskie, Pike & Pickerel: Your Ultimate Guide


Unleash the Beast–Esox on the Fly! Fly fishing for pike, muskie, and pickerel are for some the pinnacle of the sport. They are aggressive, apex predator gamefish, and this makes them challenging but supremely rewarding fish to pursue with a fly rod. Here, we will take a close look at this dynamic species and how …

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World Record Rainbow Trout | Plus, USA Record & Runners Up


Something Almost Prehistoric  I have noticed that amongst anglers in my state (Pennsylvania, PA), rainbow trout seem to sometimes be looked at through a different lens than eastern brook trout or german browns. The rainbow trout is PA’s most stocked fish, and if you’re catching a lot of them, much less trophy-sized ones, it is …

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Larger Than Life–The World Record Largemouth Bass

Record Largemouth Bass feature

A Search For, “The One” Despite my predilection for fly fishing, I do still appreciate a good pond hopping session in search of largemouth bass. The appeal of pursuing these fish is recognized the world over, and during the course of this article, I’ve been able to see monstrous specimens of bass pulled from all …

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Teaching Kids Fly Fishing Via Tenkara (3 Reasons)


Get Em Hooked Being an avid angler and fly fishing guide the desire to share my passion with my son is only natural. The thought of sharing time on the water with him brings me joy. I am grateful for the moments we have shared to date as well as the thought of many more …

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Micro Jig Streamers On A Euro Nymph Rig For Catching Trout


In my experience using micro jig streamers on a modular euro rig is an incredibly significant tool for the euro-nympher’s bag of tricks! When I use this tactic: Setting the Scene. Recently I spent a couple of hours fishing one small section of the river, which was approximately 40 x 10 feet. Because I am …

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World Record Brown Trout + USA And Runners Up (The Biggies)


Straight Up Giant! When I began replacing my ultralight spinning rod with a fiberglass two-piece fly rod, I was (and still often am) astounded at the quality and duration of the fight that even small fish provided. Fish that were at best a distraction from the aggressive, heavy brown trout I target, and at worst, …

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Best Streamers For Trout | Proven To Catch More Fish (Top 9)


Swing, Strip, Set! A streamer is a type of subsurface fly that is meant to be fished on the retrieve and most often imitates larger trout forage like baitfish, crayfish, tadpoles, and larger insects. The retrieve is what imparts these flies with an erratic, wounded, or fleeing action, often enticing trout to suddenly and quite …

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Euro Nymph Leaders With Lance Egan & Ben Wilcox of Team USA


Euro nymphing At A Glance The appeal is easy to understand. Euro nymphing (also known as “tightline nymphing” or “Czech nymphing”) is a way to efficiently and effectively get your flies in front of trout. Through the use of heavy weighted flies, anglers can deliver natural presentations to trout while they’re holding at the bottom …

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Fly Fishing For Winter Trout | Into The Cold


Into the Cold Christmas music is already incessantly blaring from the local department stores in my small hometown, and has been since the day after Halloween. The water temperature of my local creeks and streams has been on a steady decline, and daylight is in short supply since the changing of the clocks. For most, …

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Blind Luck: A Story of Friendship and Fishing

Bing Bass

My Introduction to Bing Smith III I first met Bing (yes, like Bing Crosby) when I started working as a line cook at Lock Haven University. I jumped on the line during dinner, and it was hectic and busy. Management was training me on the job, and as my boss was manning the grill, he …

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Fall Fly Fishing | Flies & Lies = Size

Jason Fall Fishing

In early September, many trout fishermen in Central Pennsylvania have called it quits for the season. For some, fall and the coming winter mean it’s time to hang up the rods, clean the reels, and sit down at the vise to replenish our boxes. However, this means that there’s more room on the water for …

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Fly Fishing For Bass | Behavior, Seasons, Flies & Gear

smallmouth bass underwater

Introduction Our intention is to help the new fly fisher get acquainted with fly fishing for bass and elaborate on material for the experienced angler as well. If you have read our past resource on bass species you will know there are roughly 9 species of bass—the most common being the smallmouth and largemouth bass. …

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Bass Species Explained | Black vs Temperate, Peacock, Smallies & More!

Smallmouth Bass

Introduction In this article, we have created a catalog for all North American bass species. It is designed to help inform anglers on the basic regions, environments, physical characteristics, and habits of the numerous bass species. In this resource we will cover: Smallmouth Bass Largemouth Bass Spotted (Kentucky) Bass Guadalupe Bass Alabama Bass Florida Bass …

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TROUT SPECIES 101 | Plus, Palomino vs Golden Rainbow


Updated on Nov. 17, 2022 Introduction In the article below we have created a catalog for all the North American trout species. It is designed to help inform the new angler and expert on some of the basic regions, physical characteristics, and habits of these magnificent fish. The types of trout we discuss herein include: …

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