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If you are like us, you always have your sight set on the rod you want next. Whether you purchased your current rod as a budget rod, or you have varied your technique over the years an upgrade is likely on the horizon.

If you are here to purchase your first rod, congratulations–our best fly fishing starter kits article is a great place to start!

Because fly fishing is so versatile there is quite a bit that goes into choosing a new fly rod, but don’t let that stop you. By knowing what species of fish you want to target and doing a little bit of research you can be confident in selecting the best rod for you.

Whether you are a beginner, euro-nymphing, or looking for a finesse dry fly rod–our fly rod reviews have you covered it!

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Moonshine Rod Co. Fly Rod Reviews (2022)

The Revival moonshine rod co.

Shining Brightly Chances are you’ve heard of Moonshine Rod Co. They have an impressive social media presence, and I frequently see their home page in my ‘suggested’ section on more than one social media platform. There’s a lot of positive press around these rods, this company, and its business practices, and in this review, I’m …

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The TFO BVK Fly Rod | A Guide’s Review


Our TFO BVK fly rod review below will walk you through the pros and cons of this very popular and proven rod. If you are looking for a powerful yet incredibly versatile rod at a price that won’t put a strain on your wallet or (given our current situation) electronic currency of your choice, you …

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