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Fly fishing accessories can make your time on the water more fun and more efficient. From a simple zinger that holds your nippers to your tippet bar… These gadgets and gizmos can mean less energy spent digging through your pack and more energy spent catching fish.

If the technology is there, why not take advantage of it?? Especially since oftentimes, these accessories come at an easy price.

Explore our fly fishing accessories content below—from fishing sunglasses and gifts for anglers to cold weather gloves and fly boxes. This section currently serves as a content holder for many of our best articles!

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Best Fly Tying Magnifying Glass (Top 9, 2023)

Raweao Magnifying lamp

A Little Insight Fly tying is delicate, intricate work, whether you’re tying streamers or midges. For those flies that are true to life, and of similar size to the bugs they are imitating, tying them can be a migraine-inducing endeavor. Using some type of magnifying glass can greatly reduce the inevitable strain on your eyes …

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Best Streamers For Trout | Proven To Catch More Fish (Top 9)


Swing, Strip, Set! A streamer is a type of subsurface fly that is meant to be fished on the retrieve and most often imitates larger trout forage like baitfish, crayfish, tadpoles, and larger insects. The retrieve is what imparts these flies with an erratic, wounded, or fleeing action, often enticing trout to suddenly and quite …

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