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Anglers love their gear! And… despite the tendency to go a bit overkill in some instances, new technology is one of the gifts that can make our time on the water more rewarding. You dont need a $1000 rod to catch a trout, but if you love the sport and have the means–upgrading your fly fishing gear can be an absolute pleasure!

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Best Fly Tying Magnifying Glass (Top 9, 2023)

Raweao Magnifying lamp

A Little Insight Fly tying is delicate, intricate work, whether you’re tying streamers or midges. For those flies that are true to life, and of similar size to the bugs they are imitating, tying them can be a migraine-inducing endeavor. Using some type of magnifying glass can greatly reduce the inevitable strain on your eyes …

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Best Euro Nymphing Fly Rods (2023, Buyer’s Guide)


Nymphtastic! Euro nymphing has taken off in the last five years. From competitive anglers to your average hobbyist, people left and right are picking up this technique, and with it, specially-designed euro nymphing rods. There’s a good reason it’s caught on like it has, perhaps the best reason for something existing at all: it catches …

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Best Salmon Fly Rods | Buyer’s Guide (2023)

man with salmon, Fish, fishing

A Tool to Tame Bigger Beasts Roughly 155 miles from my home waters in Central PA is Lake Erie. I have friends and family that return there every year, like clockwork, in search of salmon. In today’s review, I will be looking at the best fly rods for salmon and breaking down the characteristics that …

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Best Streamers For Trout | Proven To Catch More Fish (Top 9)


Swing, Strip, Set! A streamer is a type of subsurface fly that is meant to be fished on the retrieve and most often imitates larger trout forage like baitfish, crayfish, tadpoles, and larger insects. The retrieve is what imparts these flies with an erratic, wounded, or fleeing action, often enticing trout to suddenly and quite …

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