Micro Jig Streamers On A Euro Nymph Rig For Catching Trout

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In my experience using micro jig streamers on a modular euro rig is an incredibly significant tool for the euro-nympher’s bag of tricks!

When I use this tactic:

  1. I catch larger fish more consistently
  2. I catch increased quantity more consistently
  3. I don’t worry as much about fishing pressure

Setting the Scene.

Recently I spent a couple of hours fishing one small section of the river, which was approximately 40 x 10 feet. Because I am always looking for ways to combat fishing pressure –I challenged myself to, rather than move on, stay there and see how long I could continue to catch fish after they were initially spooked.

I am not a fish counter but my guess is about 1 fish every 4 minutes… I ended up catching about 30 fish in 2 hours from this same hole.

I used this as a learning experience because by simply rotating my technique (presentation and retrieve) and placement I was able to continue to catch fish. Even after I had spooked them they did not shut down to different presentations.

This test has since been replicated on another fishery–for me, it is a significant insight in terms of catching numbers and size, as well as combating fishing pressure.

Size, Numbers & fishing pressure.

My logic: If I can continue to catch fish in one small area of the river–It makes me way more confident in high-pressure fishing situations.

In my experience, it is factors like trout selectivity (most anglers use the same or similar flies/patterns) and optimal foraging theory, as well as fish taking due to territorial or reflex reactions that allow an angler using this technique to catch larger fish, more fish and without needing to worry as much about who fished there before you and when.

Check out this video to get a visual on this Tactic.

What is a Modular Mono Rig?

In brief, a mono rig is a longer lighter leader that is most often used in tight line nymphing. It allows the angler to have greater control over and stay in contact with his or her flies.

A modular mono-rig is a mono-rig that is constructed with larger-diameter materials to help with casting and accuracy.


Mono Rig Recipes

We do offer a PDF of both a modular and micro-thin euro-leader for subscribers to our newsletter. If you are interested in that recipe it can be accessed below.

What is a micro-streamer?

A micro streamer is a streamer on a smaller hook with less weight. Sometimes the streamer pattern will need to be modified when tied on a smaller hook.

Typically, today these are tied on barbless jig hooks to help keep from getting hung up.

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How to fish a micro streamer?

You really can’t read how to fish in this manner it has to be practiced and played with… But I will provide some broad strokes below.

Generally, I like to try and present in a sequence


I like to start with the dead drift and fish it as I would if I were nymphing. The only caveat is that I do let the streamers swing at the end of my drift more often than I would with nymphs, as fish will tend to follow my flies and take on the swing.


Once fish are no longer taking with the dead drift I will start to give them some jig action. This action is super effective –whether trout are being territorial or acting out of reflex this can get trout to take that otherwise would not.


At this point, I will also strip back. My go-to strip is pretty fast and is either a 3 or 5 cadence strip pause…

Swim Laterally

Finally, swimming the flies laterally, I have found, is good for the clean-up game.

Quick Tip on knots for streamers: Do not use a clinch knot to tie on your streamer. Any hooks over size 12 find a different knot such as a non-slip mono loop or a trilene knot, as a clinch knot performs very poorly with larger hook size

We did a significant study on knot strength (tippet to fly). Click this link to check it out.

“The dead-drift is king… Until It isn’t “

The dead drift is king until it isn’t. When it stops catching fish change up the presentation and or retrieve.

Presentation Styles

  • Dead drift
  • Jig (mimic wounded bait fish)
  • Swing
  • Swim
  • Strip

Success here is about trial and error –you really have to get out there and get experience with these different presentation styles.

The Lazy Nympher

I love this tactic for someone who has been euro nymphing for a while and has fallen into a bit of a lazy pattern with fly selection and rigging.


Literally, by using a modular leader, instead of micro-thin, using 5x instead of 6.5x, and using micro streamers instead of a mop fly and an Egan’s Frenchie you are off and running

Changing The Streamer Mindset

When most anglers think of streamers they think of high flows, muddy water, overcast or rainy weather, etc… stripping banks and strip sets. This is all good but streamers can be used anytime. AND fish will take streamers on a dead drift which I don’t see a ton of anglers doing


I encourage you to get out there and try this! Get the benefits of fishing a streamer but with a typical nymph rig.

By presenting a larger meal with the precision that a euro-rig offers you are increasing your odds of catching both size and numbers more consistently.

If you have questions, comments, and/or insights I’d love to hear them below.


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