11 Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses For The Money (2021)

Updated on February 26, 2021

This is a complete guide to the best fishing sunglasses in 2021. The info. below will walk you through the simple steps of choosing sunglasses to help ensure you are getting the best polarized sunglasses specific to fishing—for your budget.

In this new guide you’ll learn:

Review Breakdown:

  • (Top tier) best on the market
    • Best Costa sunglasses for fishing
  • Polarized sunglasses for women
  • (Middle tier) best fly fishing sunglasses under $100
  • (Bottom tier, backups) best cheap polarized sunglasses for fishing

General Info:

  • Sunglasses for fly fishing
  • UV protection 
  • Polarized Lenses | Best for sight fishing
  • Buying factors
  • Glass vs plastic lenses
  • Sunglass care
  • Accessories

Let’s Go!

My Smith, Challis Chromapop (5 yrs) & Suncloud, Flatline (2 yrs) have treated me well

Reading-River-IconSunglasses are not essential to casting and catching, but by increasing visibility an angler also increases efficiency and safety. Sunglasses are an item that any angler would be wise to make part of their gear bag.

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Page Contents

Best Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing (Top Tier)

For this top section, most people swear by Smith Optics or Costa when it comes to outdoor sunglasses that are fishing specific. However, Oakley is a behemoth in this industry with a couple of very solid options including the incredibly lightweight Flak AND Maui Jim with their super-thin glass lenses should not be left off of this list.

The advantage of spending your money in this section is going to be clarity/visibility, comfort, scratch resistance, lens quality (plastic or glass) and style.

◊Choosing lenses

These higher end sunglasses have many lens types to choose from—based on your fishing application

Guides choice, general:

  • Blue lenses are  great for freshwater
  • Green lenses for saltwater
  • Amber lenses to brighten things up on cloudy days
  • Gray lenses are a good all-around color for rivers, lakes and streams

Best Costa Sunglasses for Fishing

1. Costa Del Mar Men’s Tuna Alley

The Tuna Alley shades are top of the top, and are considered by some the best fly fishing sunglasses, period. These glass lenses increase scratch resistance, as well as visual clarity. Providing both quality and longevity.

A good bit of money, but this purchase might be the last one you ever make.

View on Amazon →

  • Handmade in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • High tech lens
  • Best polarization available
  • 100% UV
Stingray’s, by Maui Jim feature their Super Thin Glass Lenses which offer the benefit of increased scratch-resistance and clarity without the extra weight!
The PolarizedPlus2 is proprietary polarization. This increased clarity is excellent for sight fishing.

View on Amazon →

  • 2 year warranty
  • Imported
  • SuperThin Glass Lenses
  • Lightweight frames built for comfort and wear
  • 100% UV
The Flak 2.0 have incredible lenses but the frame, being lightweight and durable is the high-point in my eyes. The lightweight frame increases comfort for long days on the water. This frame can actually bend all the way around without breaking  and are very easy to pop lenses in and out.

View on Amazon →

  • 2 year warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Optimized peripheral view
  • Available with prescription lenses
  • 100% UV

These sunnies offer Smith’s proprietary Chroma pop lenses, which deliver amazing detail and visual clarity.

They are fishing specific and offer a special coating that repels moisture and oil. Smith has a fantastic warranty.

One of the best sight fishing shades available.

View on Amazon →

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Superior lenses
  • Italian hinges
  • Eco-material construction
  • Fishing specific
  • 100% UV

You’ll drop the $200 pair in the river, but have your $20 pair forever (avoid this!)

Accessories to consider

These items are relatively inexpensive and help to increase longevity.

  1. Sunglass retainers. As mentioned in our care section these are a must-have as they are inexpensive and can dramatically reduce the chance of loss and damage
  2. A protective case for your sunglasses is also a very inexpensive way to support your investment by protecting your lenses when not in use. I also find that a case like this helps to create a routine of putting your shades in the same spot each time
  3. Microfiber cleaning and storage bags like these serve two factors a) TALTEC VISION Sunglasses Casehey are another way to help protect you lenses by giving you a quick / convenient way to store when not in use and b) they also give you a quick / convenient way to clean your lenses safely

Polarized Fishing Sunglasses for Women

Many of the sunglasses herein are unisex, however this section is specific to the woman angler. If you are a woman angler looking for a top end pair of polarized sunglasses for fishing I recommend looking in our best of best section above and choosing a pair with a smaller profile like the stingray. Or if you are looking for the best pair for the money—check out the Suncloud Zephyr’s below.

This is literally the same listing as above, but these glasses are unisex and these lenses are stellar.

Chromapop technology, fishing specific, great warranty—awesome for sight fishing.

View on Amazon →

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Superior lenses
  • Italian hinges
  • Eco-material construction
  • Fishing specific
  • 100% UV
Lightweight and durable with Under Armour’s proprietary ArmourSight lenses for optimized clarity. Under Armour, as you likely know is a performance company—leaders in activewear. This lightweight design is nice for a long day on the water.
These are great sunglasses but the factor that makes this option one of the best products for the money is the Under Armour Universal Lifetime Warranty.

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  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Ultralight
  • Imported
  • 100% UVA/B/C
Okay these might be a bit over-the-top for some, but I think they are legit.
The lenses dont actually provide 100% UV protection, but they protect your periphery, are polarized and are anti-UVA, UVB. These would be a good backup pair of fly fishing sunglasses for women

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  • Soft adjustable nosepad
  • anti-UVA, UVB
  • Hyperflow cutting lenses which avoid condensation

(Middle Tier) Best Polarized Sunglasses Under $100

This is a good middle tier section with some fantastic polarized fishing glasses right at or under $100. Both of these options below meet the criteria for the factors you need on the water. When you combine that with lifetime warranty you get:

The best polarized fishing sunglasses for the money!

Yep, we get it—this is not everyones cup of tea. But when you can combine expression and product you can’t deny it. I love these!

Smith makes a killer product. These have everything you need for river glasses AND they offer some individuality.

View on Amazon →

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Chroma Pop lens technology
  • water and oil proof Coating repels moisture
  • Eco-material construction
  • 100% UV

Along with Under Armour’s proprietary ArmourSight polarized lenses, these shades offer flexible frames for durability. Because they are backed for life you could even make these a backup pair of sunglasses at some point.

The Men’s Force offer everything an angler is looking for, and at a good price. The fact that this product is backed for the life makes The Men’s Force one of our stand out targets for best polarized fishing sunglasses for the money.

View on Amazon →

  • Lifetime warranty
  • ArmourSight Lenses
  • 100% UV
  • Flexible Frames

Luxe Performance Cable Strap - Premium Adjustable No Tail Sunglass Strap and Eyewear RetainerAccessories to consider (Longevity Hack)

The reason I keep pressing these accessories is because these items, if used properly will without a doubt protect your investment significantly.

ALTEC VISION Sunglasses Case

  1. Sunglass retainers.
  2. A protective case
  3. Microfiber cleaning and storage bags

From Flying Fishermen ($20) to Costas ($250), get the best pair you can afford to lose and don’t lose them.

(Bottom tier) Best Cheap Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

If you are on a tight budget there are some really great options here.

The cool thing about this section is that if you feel inclined to save up a bit of money for a top tier product at a later date you can use the ones you purchase from this section as a backup down the line.

Suncloud is owned by Smith Optics and without a doubt is my favorite company when it comes to best sunglasses for the money.

The style of these shades is not for everyone but they are comfortable and high quality at a price point you cant beat!

View on Amazon →

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Universal Fit
  • 100% UV
  • Lightweight
We had to place two pairs of Suncloud’s because we love them so much. Polarized, 100% UV and lifetime warranty = SWEET! The lens quality and clarity is not going to be as good as a Costa or a Maui Jim, but this will get the job done.
These are the glasses I currently use as my backups.

View on Amazon →

  • Lifetime warranty
  • 100% UV
  • Street style

RIVBOS makes some big claims with these shades. These are 1) unbreakable frames and 2) Lifetime breakage warranty on both the lenses and the frames.

This is the perfect $20 product to conclude our sunglasses reviews is the definition of best sunglasses for the money.

View on Amazon →

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Unbreakable Frames
  • 100% UV

Why are sunglasses Important for fishing?

Woman castingSunglasses when fishing serve two main purposes

  • Eye protection 

  • Increased visibility for anglers

Eye Protection 

Eye protection simply means protecting your eyes from ultraviolet radiation or UV damage. Protecting your eyes from UV light becomes even more important as the time outdoors increases.

This study from the NIH says,

Ultraviolet light exposure to the eye has been associated with cataract formation and retinal degeneration. In both cases, it is hypothesized that ultraviolet light can initiate formation of free radicals, which can cause protein modification and lipid peroxidation. Several procedures can be recommended to prevent ultraviolet light damage to the eye, such as the use of suitable protective glasses when outdoors.

For max. Protection make sure that the sunglasses you are considering purchasing say, 100% UV protection


Another factor for this section is—shielding your eye. It sounds a bit silly, but eye protection also means protecting your eyes from physical objects like a tree branch or perhaps a fly on the backcast. When it comes to the eye it is better to be safe than sorry, on the off chance an accident.

Increased Visibility with Polarized Lenses

Trout water iconIncreased visibility is a huge win. The ability to see underwater can assist in an angler being safer and more effective on the water.

Polarize by definition is to restrict vibrations. In this case, polarized sunglasses restrict the vibrations of light which helps to reduce glare from the sun. 

This allows an angler to 

  • See underwater with increased visibility allowing him or her to avoid obstructions like boulders, logs and wade safer
  • See fish and fish lies more easily for sight fishing or just more effective determination of fish lies to avoid spooking fish

Note: Polarized sunglasses have nothing to do with UV protection. The two main factors when purchasing sunglasses for fishing are 1) The best-polarized lenses you can comfortably afford 2) 100%UV protection

Tip: All About Vision states, “In addition to sunglasses, wearing a wide-brimmed hat on sunny days can reduce your eyes’ exposure to UV by up to 50 percent.”

Sunglasses for fly fishing, specific

Polarized sunglasses are a must for all anglers. But because this is a fly fishing site we do emphasize the use of sunglasses for flyfishing specifics. Polarized glasses are a tactical advantage when fly fishing. By taking the glare off the water you can see further into the water making sight fishing easier. You see trout lies that you would not otherwise and avoid spooking fish. Moreover one can wade more safely by seeing obstructions. 

Buying Factors

This section serves as a bit of a sunglasses buyers guide to help you ask the right questions and choose the right product. Personally, I like to have one pair of glasses from our best section and one from our budget section. Right now I have Smith Optics, Challis and SoundCloud’s, Flatline. I find this is a good way to always have a backup without “breaking the bank”

Overview iconTips // Points // Questions to ask yourself when considering the best sunglasses for fishing 

  • The product should protect against UVC and UVB rays. Look for 100% UV protection
  • Sunglasses should have polarized lenses
  • Determine how much time are you spending outside (on the water, hiking, boating, climbing, etc)? This could help determine your budget and/or style
    1. If you are spending heaps of time outside or on the water consider a wraparound style of shades
  • Color of lenses
  • From $20 to $300– get the best ones you can comfortably afford to lose, then dont lose them 🙂
  • Amber, copper, or brown lenses for fishing in low light situations.
  • All polarized lenses cut glare, however the higher the quality the higher the clarity.
  • Darker lenses do not equate to better UV protection

Tip: if you are going to spend a good bit of coin on some new sunglasses for fishing I highly suggest spending a few more bucks and get some sunglass retainers to keep your shades close at all times.

Glass vs Plastic Lenses

Due to a myriad of variables, each product needs to be evaluated on its own but here are some overarching points pertaining to glass vs plastic lenses

Plastic lenses 

Are more versatile as polycarbonate plastic is a product that can be modified easier. On average plastic is less expensive, but less scratch-resistant. Plastic can be significantly lighter creating a more much more comfortable experience when worn for longer periods. Polycarbonate plastic is more durable and has greater depth when it comes to tinting and protective coatings and lens treatment.

Glass lenses 

Are typically more expensive, but more scratch-resistant. Moreover, glass lenses tend to have better average optical quality / clarity, but tend to be heavier.

If you do choose glass lenses I highly recommend getting glass that is anti-reflective

Sunglass Care (Protecting Your Investment)

Below are some general tips that will help you care for your new investment and prevent from losing them.

The tips below have helped me to have my expensive glasses for about 5 years already and my backups for about 2 years and with the lenses still in good shape.

You’ll drop the $200 pair in the river, but have your $20 pair forever (avoid this!)


  • Get your sunglasses wet prior to cleaning the lenses
  • Always use a microfiber cloth for your lenses. The bag that came with your sunglasses is typically the best material to clean your lenses with.
    • Never use a napkin, paper towel or your shirt to clean your lenses—this can cause unnecessary scratching
  • Be mindful of where you place your sunglasses keep them in a protective case when you are not using them 
  • Getting a couple of microfiber cleaning and storage bags will 1) support you to put your sunglasses in a safe place 2) serve as a safe way to clean your lenses without scratching them
  • Avoid putting your sunglasses in precarious places like the dashboard of your car. Take an extra moment to put them in a case
  • Do not lay your sunglasses on surfaces face down 

Avoid Loss // Proper Storage

  • Try and put them in the same place each time you get home
  • Check out sunglass accessories like these sunglass retainers. These are a must for sunglasses over $100, as they keep you from setting your shades down in general.
    • Keeping your sunglasses close will help avoid loss AND damage in the long run

Sunglasses for women, tip:

Do not store your sunglasses in your purse. There are too many loose objects in your bag that can damage your expensive shades.


Glasses are comfortable, feel good to the eye, help in all different scenarios and… can look kinda cool 🙂

If you can afford it I like to have two pairs at all times. I currently have  a pair of Smith and a pair of sunclouds. Expensive and not too expensive for backup. If one gets lost or broken I can work on replacing rather than needing to bite the bullet so to speak with an out of the blue cost.



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