Best Fly Fishing Gifts | Top 30 Gifts of 2023

This is a complete guide for our best fly fishing gifts of 2023. In the guide below you will:
  1. Learn why a fly fishing gift for a fly fisherman / fisher-woman is one of the best gifts one can give
  2. Learn what NOT to get
  3. Explore the 30 best fly fishing gifts below

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Everything in our best fly fishing gifts guide below has been carefully curated and selected for practical purposes. These are the types of gifts that will thump the heart of the recipient. Good job you! Fly fishing gear is expensive. We felt it was important to keep a wide range of gift ideas to pertain to a multitude of different budgets. Whether you are looking to spend $20 or $2000 we are confident you can find the best gift(s) possible for that fly fisherman / fisher-woman in your life!

Fly Fishing Gifts are… special!

One of the best gifts I have ever received was my Patagonia sling pack. This was a TOTALLY unexpected gift from my wife and was something I honestly would not have purchased for myself. I am still grateful for this gift and use this pack for most of my fishing adventures. We feel these gifts are special because:
  • In many instances fly fishers won’t splurge on these items themselves
  • A fly angler loves fishing!—these gifts encourage more time on the water.
  • These gifts are thoughtful and show that you know the person you are buying the gift for.
  • Many of the gifts below can really enhance the preparedness of the angler and make their time on the water much more efficient and/or enjoyable.

30 Best Fly Fishing Gifts

1. Rio Fly Fishing Tippet Headgate with 2X~6X-PowerfleX-Tippet

The Rio Tippet gate (w/ RIO tippet) is a great gift for the fly angler in your life! This particular product comes with 5 spools of Rio Powerflex, which makes this a great deal. It comes with:
  • 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, and 6X Rio powerflex tippet spools.
  • Tipppet holder
Note: Mono is great for dry fly fishing, however many anglers find themselves nymphing. You may want to get a couple of additional spools of fluorocarbon for nymphing. I suggest one spool of 5x Trout Hunter and one spool of 6x Trout Hunter. Trout Hunter is what we use, it is a bit more expensive, but each spool comes with more material AND it is very high-quality tippet.

Rio Head Gate Details

The tippet holder is super handy, as the angler can clip it to their vest or pack to save valuable room. Moreover, a tippet holder makes tippet much more accessible on the water. The holder itself is made by Fishpond, who completely excel at the products they create. It has a rotatable razorblade line cutter; a unique feature that makes cutting a piece of tippet super easy.

The price is great—and would be more expensive to buy each tippet spool and holder separately. Rio Fly Fishing Tippet Head gate with 2X~6X-PowerfleX-Tippet Amazon Pricing

Customer Reviews

2. Elkhorn Lumbar Pack By Fishpond

Fishpond’s Elkhorn pack is comfortable and flexible. The pack attaches around your waist and has a hydration sleeve, which I love. The pack is large enough to fit a few fly boxes and other small gear. The Fishpond Elkhorn is constructed with water-resistant fabric and zippers—with several pockets and cord loops for attaching more equipment. The pack has a net sleeve in the rear of the lumbar section, which is a total bonus!elkorn-lumbar-pack Trident Fly Fishing Pricing

3. Loon Outdoors Combo Pack – Floatant and Desiccant with a Large Loon Caddy

This floatant caddy is such a sweet gift! And the fact that it is currently available for under $25 makes it an added bonus. Like the tippet gate—the function of this caddy is two-fold.
  1. Save space in your pack/vest
  2. Quick and easy access when you’re on the water
Made by Loon, this caddy comes with two bottles of floatant. The first is top-ride dry shake for drying your flies after they become saturated.

The second is a bottle of Aquagel. Putting this on your fly before you start fishing will help keep your fly waterproof for a longer period of time—and give it a little shine to attract fish. Loon Outdoors Combo Pack - Floatant and Desicant with a Large Loon Caddy Amazon Pricing

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4. Dr. Slick Lanyard

This lightweight lanyard is great for those quick trips to the small creek or times when you’re fishing and don’t want to haul all your gear.

It comes equipped with 2 retractable cords, floatant caddy, a small fly box, and plenty of other hooks for your gear. It is made out of a re-adjustable elastic cord. Dr. Slick Lanyard Amazon Pricing

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5. Redington ZERO Fly Reel

Redington has created a great reel at a great price. This is one of the better reels for under 100 dollars and made our list of best gifts. The Zero reel is a large arbor reel that features a lightweight design and a click drag system.

This reel comes in different sizes depending on the rod and line weight—it also comes in four unique colors. Redington ZERO Fly Reel Amazon Pricing

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6. Freestone Outfitters Fly Fishing Net and Magnetic Release

Nets are super important when fishing, and having a good net can make landing those big fish easier. This net frame from freestone is made from high-quality hardwood and carbon fibers. The mesh is made from clear rubber, which when compared to nylon nets, is much safer for trout.

The net also comes with a magnetic release and carabiner, offering a stronghold between the net and vest or pack. Rubber Mesh Net, Magnetic Release Amazon Pricing

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7. The Bug Book: A Fly Fisher’s Guide to Trout Stream Insects

The Bug Book is a great companion for every fly fisher. This book breaks down the insects and other food that trout eat. The Bug Book provides helpful information on the life cycles and behaviors of the most common bugs found across the county.

After reading this book my knowledge of aquatic insects vastly improved and so did my fly fishing game. It skips the etymology jargon with easy-to-understand explanations and pictures. the-bug-book Amazon Pricing

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8. Fly Fishing Line Holder

This is a really unique gift for the fly angler as it’s not seen any many fly shops. The line holder easily attaches to the base of the rod using gripping bands and uses two rubber grommets to grip the leader or fly line. This product makes changing flies faster and easier as the angler doesn’t need to worry about their heavy fly line falling through the eye holes, dragging the leader with it. Hold My Line Fly Fishing Rod Line Holder

Amazon Pricing

Customer Reviews

Because this product is so unique, we have embedded the video below to help demonstrate how it works!

9. Ventures Fly Co. | 122 Premium Hand-Tied Fly Fishing Flies

You can’t go wrong with an assortment of flies that all anglers use. Venture Fly Co’s premium flies include 48 guide-selected patterns in different sizes. The flies are chosen for their versatility and ability to catch fish.

The flies are fine quality and to purchase 122 at your local fly shop will cost at least 4x the cost of Venture Fly Co flies. Ventures Fly Co. _ 122 Premium Hand Tied Fly Fishing Flies Assortment _ Two Fly Boxes Included _ Dry, Wet, Nymphs, Streamers, Wooly Buggers, Terrestrials Amazon Pricing

Customer Reviews

10. Rheos Eddies Sport Style Floating Polarized Sunglasses

Rheos sport sunglasses are sleek and stylish. They belong in every fly fisher’s pack. The ever-so-important polarized lenses help take the glare of the sun off the river. They also float—preventing those awful moments when your sunglasses fall and sink to the bottom of the river. These sunglasses are lightweight and durable. Rheos also donates proceeds from every sale to protect coastlines and waterways.

FYI Since publishing this article, we have produced a complete resource on sunglasses for fly fishing if that interests you. Rheos Eddies Sport Style Floating Polarized Sunglasses | 100% UV Protection Amazon Pricing

What NOT to gIVE

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a gift for your fly fisher is—what kind of fish do they normally target? There will be some major changes in equipment when fishing for different species of fish. The list we have compiled offers some useful gifts that any fly fisher will love, but most of the gifts are geared toward trout anglers. Examples of gifts NOT to give are gifts that require knowledge, examples: Sinking fly line. There are options here like the weight of the line, full sink, or sink tip that you most likely will not know unless you are a fly fisher yourself. Fly rods. Fly rods can be tricky to buy, as there are so many different styles and sizes to choose from. Depending on the type of fishing, you’ll need a specific type and weight. It’s best to leave the angler to purchase these on their own. Avoid purchasing high-end items in general. If one is about to get a new rod, high-end reel or even boots or waders that cost over $300 they will very likely have it for a long time and want to choose it themselves.

11. TroutHunter Fluorocarbon Leader 9ft, 3 Pack

Trout Hunter creates some of the best leaders and tippet currently on the market. Here you can get a 3-pack of 9ft leaders in sizes 0X, 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X or 5X. The leaders are made from clear fluorocarbon, excellent for very clear water and savvy trout.

Fluorocarbon’s material closely matches the water’s properties of light refraction, resulting in an almost invisible leader. Fluorocarbon also protects better against abrasion making your leader last longer.  TroutHunter Fluorocarbon Leader 9ft, 3 Pack Amazon Pricing

Customer Reviews

12. Smith Creek Rod Clip, Wearable Fishing Rod Holder

Smith Creek’s rod clip is a very simple but useful piece of equipment. This is a  unique product that the fly angler in your life probably doesn’t have. The rod clip is made out of sturdy aluminum and connects easily to your pack or waders with a retractable zinger.

This rod clip comes in super handy when you need both hands free to tie on flies or take a picture of your fish.  Smith Creek Rod Clip, Wearable Fishing Rod Holder Amazon Pricing

Customer Reviews

13. Orvis Non-Toxic Oval Split Shot

Anglers do need to keep some split shot in their pack and Orvis has a great product. These non-toxic split shots are made from tin, which is a plus in moving away from toxic metals like lead. Another useful feature is they are reusable; they can be taken on and off as you adjust to changing water levels and flies.

Orvis makes these weights in natural silver or camo. Orvis Non-Toxic Oval Split Shot Amazon Pricing

Customer Reviews

14. Dr Slick Fly Tying Tools Gift Set with Fly Box Combo

We have featured Dr. Slick’s fly tying tool gift set in a previous post, our Best Fly Tying Kits, and are so fond of it that we wanted to feature it here as well.

The tying tool kit includes high-quality tools to get started tying or as a viable upgrade from one’s current tools. The tools pack into a case with a foam lining for easy organization and transport. The foam lining can also be removed to create a fly box.

Dr Slick Fly Tying Tools Amazon Pricing

Customer Reviews

Looking for Specific Gear-related Articles?

Woman casting

15. Tacky Original Fly Fishing Fly Box

This is a simple but essential piece of gear for any fly angler. The Tacky Original, by Fishpond, is probably the most popular fly box out there. And for good reason. It is simple, sleek, and does its job well! The silicone holds tight, doesn’t absorb water, and won’t get shredded from hooks going in and out throughout the years.

It is always nice to have extra fly boxes for additional organization of your flies or for creating specific pattern boxes.  Tacky-Original-Fly-Fishing-Fly-Box Amazon Pricing

Customer Reviews

16. John Geirach’s – Standing in a River Waving a Stick

Books can be enjoyable on those fishing trips when you’re off the water and resting back at camp or during the off-season when you can’t fish. John Geirach has written several books now and they all share intimate short stories of life as a fly fisherman. His stories go beyond catching monster trout (there is some of that) to the more subtle intricacies of philosophy and culture that surround the sport.

John Geirach’s message is delivered in a straightforward and clever way.  We chose Standing in the River Waving a Stick because it was the first fly fishing book I’ve ever read. Standing in a River Waving a Stick Amazon Pricing

Customer Reviews

17. Aventik High-Density Foam Fly Tying Vise Tool Holder and Tool Caddy

Aventik makes a great fly tying tool holder and caddy for the fly tyer in your life. This foam holder has various sizes of holes to fit all of your tools and includes a few larger holes for wax and head cement.

The caddy can be moved around on your bench allowing for optimal organization. I don’t know how many times I’ve misplaced tools underneath all of my tying materials.  Aventik High Density Foam Fly Tying Vise Tool Holder Tool Amazon Pricing

Customer Reviews

18. FishPond Largemouth PIOPOD Microtrash Container

These are great little trash containers that we should all use on the water. Do you know it takes up to 600 years for monofilament tippet and leaders to biodegrade, and 4,000 years for fluorocarbon to biodegrade?! With snags and line breaks, it’s hard to keep the rivers completely free of these tiny materials, but Fishpond’s Micro trash container will help. It’s a very small and simple receptacle that hangs on your pack or waders. The container has a rubber cover with slits to easily discard those bits of tippet, old leaders, and any other small garbage. Eric has had one on his pack for years and he swears by it!

This is a great product that is working to keep our rivers and streams beautiful for years to come.Fishpond-micro-trash-container Amazon Pricing

19. Griffin Odyssey Spider Fly Tying Vise

We’ve included the Griffin Odyssey Spider Tying vise as a great gift for the new fly tyer or for someone wanting to upgrade their vice. It is one of our favorite vices for the quality and price. It features a C-clamp to attach to your tying desk or bench, a 360-degree rotary function, and a bobbin cradle. This also makes for a great travel vice for the tyer on the move. Want to see a complete guide to fly tying vises, click here

Griffin Odyssey Spider Fly Tying Vise Amazon Pricing

Customer Reviews


20. Loon Outdoors Rogue Quick Draw Forceps

Forceps are ESSENTIAL to have on the water—these rouge quick draw forceps could quite possibly be an angler’s new best friend. Loon-Outdoors-Rogue-Quick-Draw-ForcepsThe carabiner feature allows for quick and secure attachment to your pack or waders; making for easy access and quick release of your fish. I don’t know how many times I’ve fumbled with my forceps trying to detach them from my pack or having them fall into the river without even noticing. The forceps have a sharpened section for cutting line, along with a needle for cleaning the eye hooks on your flies. It’s hard to beat this pair of forceps for the price.

Loon Outdoors Rogue Quick Draw Forcep Amazon Pricing

Customer Reviews

21. Rio Gold Fly Line

Rio is one of the top authorities when it comes to fly fishing line. Their gold fly line is a great all-around floating trout line. This product contains several different color variations and comes in 3, 4, and 5 weight lines.

Rio also sells a wide array of other lines for the angler who fishes more specific styles such as deep water, spey, euro-nymphing, and more. rio gold fly line View on Trident Fly Fishing

22. Simms Dockwear Wool Beanie

Simms makes a nice trout beanie for those cooler days—and because the fly angler can’t wear their trucker hat all the time.

This well-crafted wool beanie comes in 3 different colors with Simms’ logo on the front. This hat looks great out on the water or worn through town during those frigid fall and winter months.Simms-beanie View on Simms

23. Goat Head Sole Wading Spikes

These great little spikes screw into the bottom of your wading boots for added traction when wading through the slick river bottom. Within Goat Head’s wading spikes you will receive 30 1/2-inch spikes and a magnetized nut driver and socket.

These are great quality and less expensive than many other brands. goat head sole wading spikes Amazon Pricing

Customer Reviews

24. Buff Uv Mfl Headware

This buff is great for fishing on those hot sunny days. The buff is made from breathable microfiber polyester keeping your head or neck protected and cool from the sun. This one comes in a brown trout pattern but other colors are available.

There are also numerous ways to wear the buff to fit whatever needs the wearer has. UV Buff Amazon Pricing

Customer Reviews

25. Scientific Anglers Deluxe Fly Tying Kit with Vise, Materials, Tools, Hooks, and Instructional DVD in Travel Case

This is a great fly tying kit for the angler who wants to start learning to tie their own flies. This tying kit includes all the basic tools needed, and all the materials to create several integral flies every angler uses. An instructional DVD is included giving a step-by-step tutorial for each pattern.

All of the tools and materials fit well in a sturdy case ideal for organization and travel. Scientific angler starter kit Amazon Pricing

Customer Reviews

26. Rep Your Waters Brown Trout Mesh Hat

Rep your waters make some great hats and other clothing. They offer a lot of different styles, but this brown trout trucker hat is super sweet.

It features an adjustable back strap for a one size fits all hat. Another really cool thing about Rep Your Waters is 3 percent of every sale goes to supporting conservation groups across the country. Something we at Anchor Fly appreciate very much!  Rep your waters hat Amazon Pricing

Customer Reviews

27. Booms Fishing Fly Fishing Tool Kit

This little fishing kit is great for all fly fishers. It includes stainless steel forceps for removing your fly from the fish’s mouth. Secondly, there is a leader straightener great for those hard-to-uncoil loops in brand-new leaders. The kit also comes with a retractable zinger for holding smaller tools. Lastly, the Booms tool kit includes a tie fast combo tool which helps aid in tying three different knots, can cut line and tippet, and has an eye hook needle (used to clear out the eye hole on flies).

This gift is a great price for all the tools you get! Booms Fishing FF2 Fly Fishing Tool Kit Amazon Pricing

Customer Reviews

Looking for more accessories? See our complete guide to fly fishing accessories here.

28. Thingamabobber 5 piece 3/4″ assorted pack

Thingamabobbers are popular strike indicators used commonly by many fly fishers. This affordable pack includes 5, 3/4″ indicators in orange, pink, yellow, and white colors.

The variations offer versatility depending on the type of water you’re fishing and the flies you’re using. These strike indicators are easy to apply and readjust when out on the water.  THINGAMABOBBER 9 Piece Assortment Pack Amazon Pricing

Customer Reviews

29. Simms Headwaters Half Finger Fishing Gloves, for Men & Women

Perfect for those chilly fall or winter days out on the water. Simms’ headwaters gloves are made from wind-resistant fleece that has a pocket for a heat pack in each glove.

The gloves are finger-less making it easy to change flies without needing to take off your gloves. Simms Headwaters Half Finger Fishing Gloves, Warm Fleece Gloves with Heat Pack Pocket, High-Stretch Fit for Men and Women Amazon Pricing

Customer Reviews

30. Redington Blackfoot Fly Fishing Vest

You cannot beat the quality and price of Redington’s Blackfoot Vest. The vest is made from nylon and offers sizes from small to XXLarge. Bulky packs and bags have been replacing fly fishing vests over the last several years—however, the simplicity and utility of this vest are very compelling even for anti-vest anglers.

It includes large pockets for fly boxes and numerous zippered and Velcro pockets for additional gear. Redington Clark Fork Mesh Fly Fishing Vest Amazon Pricing

If you are viewing this best fly fishing gifts guide and are new to angling altogether, we want to let you know about our Fly Fishing for Beginners resource guide. This is a comprehensive guide for beginners and breaks down everything the beginner needs to know about the sport. Moreover, if you have gift ideas or general feedback please let us know in the comments section below. Additional Resources:

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