Teaching Kids Fly Fishing Via Tenkara (3 Reasons)


Get Em Hooked Being an avid angler and fly fishing guide the desire to share my passion with my son is only natural. The thought of sharing time on the water with him brings me joy. I am grateful for the moments we have shared to date as well as the thought of many more …

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Micro Jig Streamers On A Euro Nymph Rig For Catching Trout


In my experience using micro jig streamers on a modular euro rig is an incredibly significant tool for the euro-nympher’s bag of tricks! When I use this tactic: Setting the Scene. Recently I spent a couple of hours fishing one small section of the river, which was approximately 40 x 10 feet. Because I am …

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Best Fly Tying Vise + Budget Friendly | Top 7 Reviewed (2023)


Our aim with this guide is to provide YOU with the best fly tying vise reviews/knowledge for 2023 products. In this comprehensive guide I’ll cover: If you’re in the market for a new hook gripper, you’ll love this guide. Let’s dive in! Author’s Picks! Want to get right to our fly tying vise reviews? Click …

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The Earth is 4.5B years old: I want to catch Trout


Somehow, this morning I am struck by the overall evolution of life and what it means to be a human. AND how catching trout on a fly rod is for the benefit of the entire universe 🙂 I am not crazy I swear—LOL Okay here it goes: According to Wikipedia, the earth was formed 4.54 …

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