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Fly Fishing For Winter Trout | Into The Cold


Into the Cold Christmas music is already incessantly blaring from the local department stores in my small hometown, and has been since the day after Halloween. The water temperature of my local creeks and streams has been on a steady decline, and daylight is in short supply since the changing of the clocks. For most, …

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Tenkara Fishing For Beginners & Best Tenkara Rods (Buyer’s Guide, 2022)


Fishing From Empty Sky It is my job to stay abreast of what’s current and interesting in the fly fishing world, and tenkara is gaining popularity, nationally and around the world. This simplistic and unique method of fishing has spread far past its country of origin (Japan) with the help of Daniel Ghalardo, the founder …

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Best Women’s Waders | Buyer’s Guide (2022)


Finding a pair of waders in your budget that fit correctly, function correctly, and most importantly, last longer than one season, can be a frustrating and challenging endeavor for all of us. The women I’ve fished and camped with, however, have expressed particular difficulty in finding a pair of waders that are equal parts comfortable …

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Blind Luck: A Story of Friendship and Fishing

Bing Bass

My Introduction to Bing Smith III I first met Bing (yes, like Bing Crosby) when I started working as a line cook at Lock Haven University. I jumped on the line during dinner, and it was hectic and busy. Management was training me on the job, and as my boss was manning the grill, he …

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Fall Fly Fishing | Flies & Lies = Size

Jason Fall Fishing

In early September, many trout fishermen in Central Pennsylvania have called it quits for the season. For some, fall and the coming winter mean it’s time to hang up the rods, clean the reels, and sit down at the vise to replenish our boxes. However, this means that there’s more room on the water for …

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