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An·chor Fly


An anchor fly is a beaded nymph that is weighted to get to the feeding zone quickly. Anchor flies are commonly used in Czech Nymphing and similar tight-line angling methods.


Featured Video | Early Autumn Czech Nymphing

"If my life is a book—the letters are actions and the words are the stories created from those actions. My time on the water is the space between the words. In this space, I am free…"
—Eric Carter-Spurio

Self-sufficient and free, in nature exploring the wild. Focus and peace simultaneously occurring as I get lost on the water. Fly fishing is both an art and a science—it is as simple or complex as we make it, at any point we can soften back into the fundamentals.

To let go of the mundane, if even for a moment is a gift.


Asheville, North Carolina

Eric & Chuck are soul inspired friends and two uber passionate fly anlgers, who quite simply, LOVE to get out on the water. Anchor Fly has been an unwritten dream of theirs since they met.

Now, their dream is coming true.


Missoula, Montana